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Hello my dear,
I strongly believe that this mail must get at you by  God's grace, as I do not know you in person and not  quite sure of your current tel/fax number for me to be sure,  but I know how I manage to get this email address which I  used to communicate you.
However, I am sister Ms. Elisa Henry and I am working  with the nations Apex Bank; accounting unit/telex department Central Bank of Nigeria.
My aim of writing is not to know you as I have no interest of knowing you and would not like to know you unless if needs be. But I am telling you this based on my believe as a person who does not like evil or cheating and would not like to be called for explanation as a result of this information I am giving to you.
But why am telling you this based on my believe as person who does not like evil or cheating and would not like to be called for explanation as a result of this information I am giving to you below. As a straightforward person, I believe that any man/woman is my brother/sister according to my believe irrespective of where you must have come from, we are same human being. This information is as regards to your payment in Nigeria.
Now as I am contacting you, payments are going on to those that are aware of this information because this information was not gazette to the public awareness. These exercises have started for sometime now but there are a lot of pranks some corrupt officials in the central bank that diverted your funds to a bank in Switzerland. From the information, the secretary of probe panel and verification on contract and next of kin matters and the chairman of the committee and some other officials summed up with to divert your funds.
This information as a result of my recent departmental research and I called then to question but they tried to bribe me, but I refused because I am not a cheat. I have to inform you that your Funds interest at a tune of usd$14.1million was transferred into a Swiss account provided by a fake lawyer portrayed himself to be your lawyer. I must inform you that the officers involved are always in communication with you , so you should stop talking with them and do not tell them that you are waiting for the transfer.
Since we have an evidence at hand, hereby advised you to contact the authorized (C.B.N) security and finance company in Abuja whom are in control of your payment and the approved lawyer attached to the security and finance company in the name of Mr. John Gerald and explain everything to him as your file was sent to him on the 24th January 2017 and when contacting the lawyer quote your file reference number FR010-2017, he is the final stone that breaks the camels back.
My advice to you based on this information is that you should boldly call Mr.John Gerald the lawyer at the security and finance company on his direct email or telephone number. He is the person in charge of all the legal clearances for this on-going payment exercise and ask him that he should help you in making sure your fund is paid to you immediately and do the changes to move your funds to your original account and follow his directives.
He might want to know how come you got his direct email, you can tell him anything (please, don't quote me) but insist that he should help you in making sure your payment is done, and for more clarification or to ensure him that you really knows what you are saying quote the following code no:FGN/PMQ/CBN-X342X1TW2017 under category 'C' i.e. your code (please this information is classified).
I believe that at the end of the day, he will ask you to forward your payment information and bank co-ordinates to him for his processes as he will direct you properly on how to follow up for your fund to be made to you without further stress.
If you contact him, I will know because he must contact my office for your information re-confirmation records.
So go ahead and call him now and don't be afraid of him or anybody, any person apart from him is definitely a fraud.
The Lawyer Contact:
Name: Barrister John Gerald
Tel: + 234 8181 147 119
Yours sincerely,
Ms. Elisa Henry
Central Bank of Nigeria.

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